The Effect of Three Models of Planning for Dimensions of Learning Model For Marzano's in Conceptual Understanding for Scientific Concepts to the Eighth Grade’s In Jordan

Fayhaa Naief Al-Momani, Abdullah Khataybeh, Mohammad Al-Qudah


This study aimed at investigating the impact of planning models based on the dimensions of Marzano's model in the conceptual comprehension of scientific concepts to the eighth grade students in Jordan. The study sample consisted of 97 female students from the eighth grade in the public schools of the Directorate of Bani Kenana for the academic year 2010/2011 dispensers in four schools have been selected randomly, and randomly distributed planning models.
To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher has been building a conceptual comprehension test in science in a unit of electricity, telecommunications. The tool was applied to groups before the start of treatment to verify the equivalence of groups, then re-applied after the treatment, which lasted five weeks to collect results.
To answer the questions of the study, was calculated means, standard deviations, and use the analysis of variance, and shafee test for comparisons posteriori. The results of the study discovered the presence of statistically significant differences at the level of (α <0.05) in conceptual understanding favor to model of focus on exploration in the Marzano’s model of the dimensions of learning.
In light of this finding study recommended using the model dimensions of learning to Marzano in the educational process learning, and holding seminars and training courses for teachers and supervisors in the field of teaching science to identify the model of the dimensions of learning, and include science curriculum positions and educational activities and tasks reflect the contents of the dimensions of learning to Marzano.


Marzano’s Model, Dimensions of Learning, Conceptual Understanding, Scientific Concepts, Planning Models, Focus on Knowledge Model, Focus on Issues Model, Focus on Exploration Model.

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