The Effect of Using Internet / Computer Learning Technique on Tenth Grade Students' Achievement in Geography Subject in Jordan and their Attitudes Towards it

Ali Abed El-Kareem Mohammed Al-Kassab


This study aimed at investigating the effect of using internet/ computer learning technique on tenth grade students' achievement in geography subject in Jordan and their attitudes towards it. To achieve this aim, a computerized material was designed and applied on the study sample which consisted of (80) students. The sample was distributed into two groups: an experimental one that studied through the computerized material and a control group which was taught in the traditional way. An achievement test and an attitudes scale were applied on the sample. ANCOVA analysis was used to analyze the results of the achievement test and the attitudes scale.

The study revealed statistically significant differences attributed to the application of the computerized material in favor of the experimental group. It also revealed high positive attitudes in the experimental group towards geography subject. The difference between the experimental group and the control group in attitudes was statistically significant and in favor of the experimental one. The researchers recommend using computerized materials in teaching social education subjects and using Internet in teaching geography.


Geography, Social Studies, Educational Technology, Self-Study, Teaching Methods

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