Al-Imam Al Shafi’s views about some Pre-Islamic Traditions A Presentation and an Analysis

Omar Alfajjawi, Tawfeeq Omari Omari, Amjad Qourshah


This study aims to shed light on the contributions, this Imam provided to the Arabic language when explaining speech acts related to the Arabs at that time which tells about the wide knowledge he had. Al Shafi’ did not just develop flat or simple knowledge in language and literature or deep and specific one in Al Fiqeh wa Osooloh. In fact, we see him as a great scholar in language and its hidden secrets.
In this study, the search will be channeled to investigate Al Shafi’s views about : ore, meaning of pre-Islamic judgment, Al-baheera, Al-wasseela, Al-sae’ba, Al-hami, Al-aqeeqa, Al-tiyara, Al-fara’h, and Al-‘ateera. Al Shafi’ used to explain the lexicon and show what pagans were too. All that was in the context of explaining judgements in light of Shareea’h.
It is believed that this study will conclude to the following: first, Al shafi’ placed his knowledge and science in service of Alfeqeh through providing us with valuable information about the life of the Arabs during the pre-Islam era, even some scholars adopted his approach that explains his impact on scholars’ views to the limit where some of them changed stances for his sake, like Wakeei’ his teacher. Second, Al Shafi’ is one of the very few who benefited from different sciences, away from their specific areas, and applied those sciences in service of their knowledge. So said, Al Shafi’ achieved knowledge integration.


Al shafi, Pre-Islamic Era, traditions

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