Cardiovascular responses and Maximum oxygen uptake to some exercises on physical fitness system in children and adults

mhmmed bdewi melhim


This study was conducted to determine Cardiovascular responses and Maximum oxygen uptake to treadmill and cycle ergometer exercise in children and adults. A total of (7) children, (11 to 14) years old, and (7) adults,(18 to 27) years old participated in exercise tests on both the treadmill and cycle ergometer. Cycled and run at each of five incremental external work rates, Measurements of Heart rate and Blood pressure were obtained after the first minute, third minute, fifth minute, seventh minute, tenth minute of exercise. It also included Maximum oxygen uptake Measurement after tow performance, first performance in treadmill on (5,4)Km/h with the promotion of inclination (1%) every minute until fatigue according Bulke test, The second performance gradually in ergometer on (15)w until fatigue according storer et al test, the use of analysis, it was determined that heart rate was significantly higher in children, And it was determined that Systolic Blood pressure and Maximum oxygen uptake was significantly higher in adult, on both the treadmill and cycle ergometer, while the results revealed that there was no deference's between children and adult for diastolic blood pressure.


Keywords: Cardiovascular responses ,physical fitness system, children and adults


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