The Role of Educational Administrative Bodies in the Treatment of Student Violence Behavior against Teachers and Administrative Staff in Public Jordanian Secondary Schools

Laila Al-Assaf, Khaled Ahmad Al-Sarayrah


The study aimed to identify the role of educational administrative bodies in the treatment of student violence behavior against teachers and administrative staff in public Jordanian secondary schools for males, and to present suggestions for its treatment. The study sample was a stratified random cluster sample consisting of 300 individuals: 100 administrators and 200 teachers. In order to collect data, a questionnaire was used consisting of two sections: one aimed at collecting the necessary demographic data about respondents and the other aimed at measuring the scale of the treatment methods, prepared and developed by the researchers. The results of the study revealed that the degree of concurrence of administrative bodies on using the proposed remedial procedures was high (3.96 out of 5). The results also revealed that there were statistically significant differences at (α ≤ 0.05) attributed to the geographic location variable. Accordingly, some recommendations were presented.


Student Violence, Educational Administrative Bodies, Public Schools

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