Studying the Natural Radioactivity in Some Tobacco Cigarettes Imported to Iraq from Unknown Origins

Nada Farhan


Natural radioactivity isotope in ten tobacco leaf samples presented in different cigarettes imported to
Iraq from unknown origins, were determined by gamma–ray spectrophotometer.
The study revealed several naturally occurring radionuclides in these samples. Such isotopes were "Bi-
214" which belongs to U-238 series and; "Pb-212, Bi-212, Ac-228" which belongs to Th-232 series, and
Furthermore, the results show that the maximum concentrations of Pb-212, Bi-214, Bi-212, Ac-228
and K-40 radionuclides were (9.13, 59.08, 17.15, 3.1 and 102.61 Bq/Kg). Such radioactive isotopes
were respectively detected in Bisnuse club, Grip, again Bisnuse club, Najema and pin cigarette type.
It is concluded from the results that Iraqi cigarettes are heavily contaminated with several radioactive
isotopes. This may be reflected as a major health impact among Iraqi populations.


Tobacco; Natural radioactivity; Gamma spectrophotometer; Cancer.

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