Internal Migration in Jordan: Its Size, and Trends

Ali Hassan Anbar, Kayed Othman Abu sabha


The aim of this study was to reveal and analyze the internal migration in Jordan with regard to size and trends. The internal migration refers to the migration of people who tend to change their place of birth, and relocate and reside in different areas. The 2004 census tract results were used in this study. A form of the gravity model was applied to show the expected numbers of migrants compared to the real numbers of migrants.
The findings of the study show the following:
1.There is an internal migration in Jordan among governorates, and from rural areas to urban centers.
2.Proportions of migration to total numbers of population in cities, governorates and regions, varied among these different areas.
3.The central region in Jordan continued to receive migrants from different areas.
4.The southern region in Jordan continued to move migrates to different areas.
5.Aqaba governorates and Aqaba city were shown to be attracting migrants. The same applies to AL-Mafraq city and governorate.


Internal Migration, Trends, Jordan

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