Vocational Orientation of the University Students: A Field Study in Jordan

Yousef Damen Khataybeh


This study not only aims at identifying the most prominent vocational orientations of the university students, but it also shows the relevance of the socio-economic and political varieties to those orientations. This study is carried out on a sample that consists of 300 students selected from the University of Jordan. This study applies a questionnaire as a tool to collect data, descriptive statistic analysis, t-f- tests, Cay- Square as a way to examine the relationship between the independent and independent variables.
The study came out with many results, the most important of which is the fact that the university students vocational orientations were positive towards future vocational trends. This fact is fortified as the majority of the studied sample choose their academic major according to a carefully studied criteria. Also, they were aware of the necessity of dealing with the vocational education and career-workshops centers and schools, such schools are important because they ensure the success of the development process. Above all, the conclusion shows the existence of differences among the youth in their vocational tendencies. These differences stem out of certain factors, these are; income of the family; for the benefit of the middle clan section. Also, the type of college is another factor that plays a great role, this factor shows the fact that the scientific College’s students were more positive in their orientation than other students. However; the residence and the sex variables make no differences at all. Actually, one of the most important factors influencing the vocational orientation is the psychological comfort or the stability of the future career, then achieving a high income, the type of the job and relevance of job to the certificate. The study pinpoints the necessity of developing the instructional curriculum and intensifying the guidance campaigns for the students to realize the importance of forming a correct vocational tendency depending on scientific basis.


Youth students, Vocational Orientation

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