The Future of Jordanian Printed Press Versus the Electronic Press Under the Information Revolution: "Printed Press Versus Electronic Press" (A Survey Study).

Ali O. Nejadat


Many experts expected that the revolution of technology and emergence of modern communication methods, such as radio, T.V, satellites and internet, may reduce the popularity of printed press, and may even cause its extinction. Nevertheless; the printed press was able to benefit from the new technology to enhance itself and survive.
This study aims to investigate the relationship between printed and electronic press, attempting to identity whether this relation is a one of competitiveness and integration, or of exclusion and elimination. The study adopts the descriptive approach and uses the survey as a research method on a population of students who read press.
The study revealed that 53.3% of the responders read printed press compared to 9.9% of them who depend on electronic news. Whereas, 64.7% of the respondents said that they wouldn't prefer reading electronic press, opposing 35.3% of them who do prefer reading printed press rather than the electronic one. With regard to the aspect of censorships, the results of this study assert that 63.3% of the study sample believe that electronic press helps widen the margins of Journalistic freedom as it reduces the role of censorship on publications; while 15.3% of the respondents did not agree with that opinion.
In addition, the results found that a percentage of 75% of the study sample consider the relation between both types of press as a one of integration and competitiveness; versus 8% who think that it is a relation of exclusion and elimination.


Journalism, Printed Press & Electronic Press, Online Newspapers & Offline Newspapers

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