Media practice in Jordan between Professionalism, Social Norms and Law

Hamza Khalil al-Khaddam, Maissa N. Al-Rawashdeh


This study aimed to examine the media practice in Jordan. . A random sample of 245 media professionals from both sexes was selected. The study arrived at the following conclusions:
The study revealed that social norms have a clear impact on media practice as they would determine the kind of topics that could be approached in media reports especially when the issues addressed deal with personal, legal or sexual matters.
The findings of this study indicated that media professionalism which is controlled by the profession’s standards like the media codes of ethics and codes of conduct; affect the level of media practice.
The study proved that there are no statistically significant differences among respondents when we consider the variables of gender, monthly income, and educational level.
While it showed that there are statistically significant differences among the respondents in the study sample when we take into consideration the type of institutions they work in. The study revealed that those who work in electronic and print media enjoy higher levels of media practice than others who work in a different media sector.


Jordan, Trends of Water Demand, Water Demand Management, Tourism Facilities, Stepwise Regression Model, Holt – Winters Forecasting Model.

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