Special Characteristics of The Elderly Living in Care Homes

Yusra Al- Husban


The main purposes of this study are the following:
1. Analyzing the spatial variation of the accommodation centers before entering the elderly care homes.
2. Analyzing the social, economic, educational, health and psychological characteristics for the elderly who lives in care homes.
3. Study and analyze the social, economic, in situ and educational characteristics of the breadwinners of the elderly.
And it has been used in this study Chi Square Test (χ₂) to compare the Actual distribution of the set of variables, to compare it with the even distribution on level of significance less than 0.005.
-The main results can be summarized as follows:
1. There’s a strong relation between the place of residence and the proportion of entrants in the guesthouse to take care of the elderly , ranged the highest percentage to the Capital Governorate by 55%,then the governorate of Al-Zarqa’ by 17% ,and the least is the Governorate of Ma’an by 1%,in terms of statistical abstract level less than 0.005.
2. The privacy of the place has a distinguished role at the country level, 90% approximately of those who entered the guesthouse from the township of Amman.
3. The economic factors are the most factors which made the elderly enters the guest house; 95% approximately, in terms of statistical abstract by confidence level guesthouse about 0.005, have no properties, which confirm the issue of relating the one’s value to his job.
4. On the sex level, the highest percentage at the guesthouse is men by 70.6%.
5. The educational level of the elderly is one of the most factors which has statistical terms at significant level by 0.005
6. The breadwinners of the elderly economic characteristics, sex and social status have the biggest influence of entering guesthouse.


Geographical Location, Elderly, guesthouse, Chi Square, Isolation, Civilization.

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