The Extent of Expatriate Students Adaptation, Who Study at the Jordanian Universities, Towards Living and Study Conditions

Ismail Al-Zyoud


This study aimed at examining the extent of expatriate student’s adaption who study at the Jordanian universities towards living and study conditions. This is examined through several scopes: Academic, psychological, social and economic perspectives. In order to achieve the objectives of the study researcher has developed a questionnaire contains items that cover the aforementioned scopes. This questionnaire is distributed over a sample chosen via strata random approach that consists of 350 male and female students.
The study reached the following results: there are no statistically significant differences in the expatriate student’s adaptation due to study level’s variable. It has been revealed that adaptation’s highest level was the economic scope followed by social, psychological then in the lowest order was academic scope.


Expatriate Student Adaptation, Jordanian Student, Living and Study Conditions.

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