The Urban and Rural Disparities and Its Demographic Effects in the Jordanian Society Analytical Study

Mousa Shtaiwe, Muneer Kharadsheh


This study aims to examine and analyze the rural and urban disparities and demographic effects in the Jordanian society, the study has used the data of the population and family health survey 2007 in order to analyze the survey data, different models of statistical analysis ranging from simple and bilateral to advanced had been used. The results of the study clarified that there is an important impact due to the nature of the residence of the spouses including the "level of education of the spouses the contribution of women in the labor market and the age of wife at marriage and age difference between spouses" also the study results showed the importance of the residence impact on many demographic behavior aspects of the couple such as a prior discussion between the spouses, on the use of family planning, and on child mortality" they have compared to marginal and weak influence of the preferred size of the fertility and the fertility age difference between spouses and the number of male children living in the family.


Urban Disparities, Rural Disparities, Data of Population Survey, Jordanian Society.

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