Differentiation Determinants of Child mortality by Gender in Jordan

Munir Kradsheh, Mousa Shteiwi


The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between demographic and socioeconomic variables and child mortality in Jordan. The raw data for the study were taken from the Jordan Population and Family Health Survey 2007 (JPFHS), which conducted by the Department of Statistical. The study employs descriptive and non-descriptive statistics such as Cross-tabulation, ANOVA and Logistic regression.The findings show that women level of education, women age at marriage, current age, family size, and number of female and male in Family have a significant relationship with child mortality by Gender. Husband level of education, kinship marriage pattern, women worker status, and ever-use of contraceptive were found to have no important relationship with child mortality by Gender in Jordanian Family.


Social Variables, Demographic Variables, Child Mortality, Reproductive Behavior.

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