Multi-demenstions of Iran-Uae Dispute Ove The Three Arab Island Issue: Greate Tunb, Lesser Tunb, And Abu Musa

Mohammad Al-Momani


This paper, particularly, aims at showing the multi-dimensions of Iran- UAE dispute over the three Arab islands' issue: Greater and Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa, which were taken over by Iran within two phases: 1971 and 1992. Based on a critical, analytical, and legal methodology, this paper depicts the very multi-dimensions of such dispute through throwing light on the natural and human geography of these islands. Accordingly, this study attempts to highlight how Britain did help Iran to dominate these islands for the sake of the British interests. The paper also expounds, at length, the local stand against such dispute including the Arab and Islamic one, and the International one through denouncing, condemning, and boycotting Iran as well as urging it to diffuse the dispute. Such stand is based on testimonies and evidence refuted legally for both sides. It tackles the peaceful attempts to solve the dispute such as; the swift diplomatic and the bilateral negotiation methods through calling to bring the suit against Iran at the International Justice Court. The study suggests some recommendations to solve the dispute.


UAE, Iran, International Law, Arabic Islands, Geopolitics, Arabic System, United States, Britain, Saudia Arabia, International Conflict, Arabic Gulf, Political Economy.

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