Female Early Marriage: Its Determinants and Effects on Demographic Behavior in Jordan

Munir Kradsheh


In spite of the importance of women's earlier age of marriage to their reproductive health behavior, previous studies did not explore and analyze these aspects. Therefore, this study aims first at exploring the determinants of females earlier age at marriage, and second at exploring and analyze its impact on their reproductive behavior. The study used the data of the Jordan Population and Family Health Survey (2007) for married women, between (15-49 years). The study used the descriptive and analytical statistical techniques and multi-linear regression to achieve its objectives. The main results of the study indicate that the most determinants of females earlier age at Marriage are: women's education, women's Labour Status, Urbanization Degree, Husband's education. The finding also show that females earlier age at marriage had important effect on their reproductive behavior, especially on desired fertility, actual fertility contraceptive use, child mortality and fetal mortality.


Early Marriage, Demographic Behavior, Fertility, Contraceptive Use, Child mortality, Fetal mortality

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