Land Cover Changing Detection by GIS and Air Photographs:Bourma*, Sub-district of Jerash

Dalal Zreqat, Yousra Alhusban


This study aims at detecting change in the land cover patterns in Bourma, which is a sub-district in the governorate of Jerash, in the northern of Jordan, during 1978-2009.The study uses the black and white air photos for 1978 and colored photos for 2009.An (ArcGIS) program was used to produce digital maps for land cover of the study area during the period of the study. Anderson's land cover classification system was also used. The study has concluded the following: (1) three major types of land cover are identified, and these are(built-up area, agricultural land, and forest land); (2) built-up area has undergone a considerable change that amounted to 500%; (3) agricultural land area undergone a drastic change, that amounted to 10.3%; (4) forest land area has decreased by -29 %; (5) the reasons for the change in every type of land cover in the area of the study were explained; (6) digital maps for the type of land cover for 1978 and 2009 were produced.


Change in Land Cover, Percentage of Change in Land Cover, The Bourma Sub-district, Geographic Information System.

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