A Portrait of Tafila City and Its Environs during the First Half of the Twentieth Century in Suliman Qawaba’s Novel (Hawd Almaout)

Muna Muhailan, Fatima Olimate


Qawaba’s novel (Hawd Almaout) is considered a biography of the city of Tafila and its environ. It portraits the livelihood of the city’s population during the first half of the twentieth century. However, it goes back in history into the first Arab migrations from the Arabian Peninsula and extends to the early fifties of the last century. The novel is composed of thirty-one portraits. Some were ornamented by expressive sketches. These portraits have combined to view the conditions of the population of Tafila and its environs during the successive periods of time. They introduce hardships in people’s life and their living conditions, monitor their daily and seasonal movements, illustrate images of their lifestyles, trace some of the changes that accompanied these Periods, and carry some of the peoples’ perceptions, customs, traditions, proverbs and songs. This study will seek to follow all these aspects in the novel.


A Biography of the City; Hardships in People’s Life; Living Conditions ;A Daily and Seasonal Movements ; Lifestyles, Trace Some of the Changes that Accompanied these Periods.

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