Intercultural Dialogue in Arabic and Turkish Literature: The Novelist: Najeeb Mahfooth and Orhan Bamouk

Mohammad Ahmad Al-Qudah


This paper is a discussion of the intercultural dialogue in both the Arabic and Turkish literature. Two prominent and Nobel prize laurient novelists have been considered, i.e. Najeeb Mahfooth and Orhan Bamouk. Mahfooth wrote a novel called “Ibn Fattouma Journey; he described Cairo as a crowded city, he tackled the interrelations between people, their concerns and management to face the issues they are occupied them. Bamouk wrote a novel called “The White Castle” also describing Istanbul as a multicultural metropolis. In this novel Bamouk dealt with the same issues, the people, their concerns, their search for happiness and face of their daily-life problems. Both novels show that their authors are well acquainted with domestic and international cultures.


the Dialogue, Arabic Literature Intercultural, Trukish Literature

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