A Preliminary Description of Medical Complaints and Medication Consumption among 375 Syrian Refugees Residing in North Jordan

Omar Gammoh


Syrians are fleeing to nearby countries as a result of civil war. In Jordan, they mainly reside in the northern districts. Little is known about their general health status. This study aimed to describe medical complaints and medication consumption in a Syrian refugee population residing in north Jordan. This is a cross- sectional retrospective chart review study for a group of Syrian refugees Medical charts of 375 refugees attending primary health care clinics were analysed for symptoms, diagnosis and dispensed medication. Almost 30% of the study sample had Pain , infectious diseases and chronic diseases. A total of 280 prescription were issued , consisting mainly of anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive drugs. It can be concluded that the medical complaints experienced by Syrian refugees represent a medical challenge for the host country however, the medical complaints found were similar to other refugee’s complaints worldwide.


Syrian Refugees, Medical Complaints, Medication Consumption

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