Isolation and Identification of Anti-Ulcer Components from Anchusa Strigosa Root

Manal Abbas, Ahmad Disi, Suleiman Al-Khalil


Anti- ulcer activity of different root extracts of Anchusa strigosa was studied in ethanol-induced ulcer model in rats. Petroleum ether-soluble fraction was the most effective in reducing ulcer index and gave 91% protection. Chloroform-soluble fraction gave 86% protection while butanol-soluble fraction was less effective (65% protection). On the other hand, water-soluble fraction was not effective in protecting the stomach from the ulcerative agent. Phytochemical analysis of petroleum ether fraction resulted in the isolation of four compounds. Identification of these compounds depended on melting point, U.V, I.R, H and C-13 NMR and MS analysis. These compounds were identified as: Oleanolic acid, Beta-amyrin, Crataegolic acid and Beta-sitosteryl glucoside. These triterpenes were isolated from A. strigosa roots for the first time. Alkaloids were detected in roots of Anchusa strigosa which may put the use of this plant in folk medicine in question.


Anchusa strigosa, Anti-ulcer action, triterpenes, Oleanolic acid, Beta-amyrin, Crataegolic acid, Beta-sitosteryl glucoside

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