Estimation of Gallic Acid, Rutin and Quercetin in Terminalia chebula by HPTLC

Ashok Kumar, K. Lakshman, K. N. Jayaveera, S. N. Mani Tripathi, K. V. Satish


An HPTLC method was developed for the estimation of gallic acid rutin and quercetin from aqueous extract of Terminalia chebula, precoated silica gel GF254 as stationary phase and mobile phase for tannins toluene: acetone: glacial acetic acid (3:1:2 v/v/v/v/v) and mobile phase for rutin and quercetin, ethyl acetate: dichloromethane: formic acid: glacial acetic acid: water (10:2.5:1:1:0.1, v/v/v/v/v). Detection and quantification were performed densitometrically at λ = 254 for gallic acid and 366 nm for rutin and quercetin. The Rf values of gallic acid, rutin and quercetin are 0.30, 0.13 and 0.93 respectively. The total peak areas of the standards (gallic acid, rutin and quercetin) and the corresponding peak areas of extracts were compared and the Gallic acid, rutin and quercetin content was estimated to be 8.380, 0.170 and 0.10331 % w/w.


Terminalia chebula, Gallic acid, Rutin, Quercetin, HPTLC, Standardization

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