Development of Systematic Toxicological Analysis Using GC-MS in the Identification of Drugs in Blood for Clinical and Forensic Purposes

Abdelkader H. Battah, Mudhaffar. I. Al-Farras, Osama A. Yamani, Kamal A. Hadidi


A rapid auto-identification method was developed to reduce the time required for unknown detection in defined groups of compounds in postmortem biological materials. This was achieved by the creation of an excel sheet containing retention time and retention index of n-alkane mixture (C15 – C36). Then, a calculated retention index and the retention time for a list of compounds with their target ion, two reference ions and their ion ratios were saved in a new method table. The new system will automatically search for and identify any compound in the post-run Gas Chromatography – Mass spectrometry data. The developed method showed a high sensitivity and specificity.


Toxicological analysis, GC-MS Clinical and Forensic purposes

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