Effect of Different Organic Solvents on Crystal Habit of Mefenamic Acid

Shereen M. Assaf, Mai Subhi Khanfar, Rana Obeidat, Mutaz Sheikh-Salem, Adi Issam Arida


Mefenamic acid (MA) crystals which have different types of habits were prepared by antisolvent technique using different organic solvents; ethanol, acetone, and isopropanol. The physicochemical characteristics of the crystals were studied using various techniques: scanning electron microscope, X-ray powder diffractometry, FTIR spectrometry, differential scanning calorimetry, dissolution behavior, and wettability. All crystals were found to be isomorphic. Dissolution studies were performed. Crystals prepared using acetone as a solvent showed the highest dissolution rate among other solvents used in this study. The improvement in the dissolution is mainly due to the changes in the outer appearance of the crystals and surface modification. The choice of optimal solvent would influence the crystal habit and dissolution of MA.


Crystal habit; Habit modification; Mefenamic acid; Anti-solvent method

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