Diabetes Mellitus Revisited: A Narrative Review

Sami Saqf el Hait, Iman A. Basheti


To explore the management of diabetes from a pharmacy perspective and engaging patients in self-management. Methods: A search was made of international peer-reviewed literature in PubMed, Medline, Cochrane Library and the grey literature. This document provides a review of a relevant literature including a general overview of diabetes mellitus, therapeutic goals, pharmacologic and lifestyle treatment. The epidemiology of diabetes was explored, and an overview of new approaches for treatment and management of diabetes mellitus collated. Results: The search yielded studies and information that met the inclusion criteria. Pharmacological and lifestyle management, diabetes education and knowledge, and the prevalence of diabetes were also documented. Conclusion: Research examining the role of healthcare providers as diabetes educators and exploring the needs of patients with diabetes is of importance to optimize health outcomes and minimize costs related to treatment and complications.


Management, Education, Type 2 diabetes, Medicines, Nutrition

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