Formulation and InVitro Evaluation of Oxcarbazepine Conventional and Hollow– Type Rectal Suppositories (Short Note)

Yahia Ismail Khalil


Oxcarbazepine (OXC) isone oftherecentantiepileptic and anticonvulsant drugs. The purpose of the present study was to optimize the best formulafor rectal suppositories of OXC. Thesuppositories were formulated successfully , using different types of witepsol, polyethylene glycols (PEGs) and glycerinated gelatin bases, at different ratios and types of suppositories (conventional and hollow-type). The prepared suppositories were evaluated for physical properties like softening, melting time, hardness and dissolution profiles. The study revealed thathollow – type suppositories of witepsol H35,base loaded with oxcarbazepine solution is the most promising formula compared with other rectal suppositories formulas prepared from different hydrophilic bases and mixtures.The selected formula,which contains 100 milligrams oxcarbazepine loaded as a solution in a witepsol H35 hollow-type suppository base, has a softening and melting time of 4 and 12 minutes, respectively.Besides that, 94% of the drug was released within one hour and had a shelf life of 3.1years.


hollow-type suppositories, oxcarbazepine, witepsols H35andH37.

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