Composition of the Essential Oils from Salvia dominica L. and Salvia hormium L.Grown in Jordan

Maha Abdallah, Rana Abu-Dahab, Fatma Afifi


In Jordan, Salvia dominica L. is widely distributed while Salvia hormium L. is scarcely found. The objective of this study was to determine the volatile oil composition of the fresh and dried aerial parts of these two species, collected during flowering time. The hydrodistilled volatile oils were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS). The volatile oil of fresh and dry S. dominica was composed mainly of oxygenated monoterpenes (79.0% and 68.1%, respectively). The major components detected in the oils of fresh and dry S. dominica L. were linalool (31.4% and 18.3%, respectively) and alpha terpineol (25.4% and 15%, respectively). Mono- and sesquiterpenoids were detected in the volatile oils of fresh and dry S. hormium in nearly equal amounts. Alpha cadinene (7.8% and 11.4%, respectively) was the predominant constituent in oils obtained from fresh and dry plants. Eugenol (7.3%) was found only in the volatile oil of fresh S. hormium.


Volatile oils, Oxygenated monoterpenes, Linalool, α-Terpineol, α-Cadinene, GC/MS.

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