Evaluation of the Binary Carrier System for the Dissolution Enhancement of a High Dose, PoorlySoluble Drug

Suha A. AlMuhaissen, Bashar AlKhalidi, Yasser Bustanji, Khaled Aiedeh, Mohammad K. Mohammad, Hatim S. AlKhatib


The role of twosurface active carriers,Gelucire® 44/14 and Lutrol® F127,for the improvement of solubility and dissolution of the high-dose, poorly water-soluble drug, albendazole (ALB), using the solid dispersion approachwas evaluated. The solubility of albendazole in solutions of the studied carriers and binary mixtures showed improvement, with solutions containing higher percentages of Lutrol® F127 as the best solvents.Albendazole was then incorporated intomatrices made of either carrier alone or mixtures of the two carriersat different ratios usinga melting procedure.The resulting particles were compressed into tablets. In vitro dissolution of particles and tabletsshowedfast dissolution.Increased wettability of albendazole by the carriers and formation of partial solid solutions of it in the carrier system were shown to be the mechanisms of the improvement in its dissolution.

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