Mega-dose Vitamin C: Is it Harmful to the Liver? Biochemical and Histological Study in Rats

Khalid Abdul-Razzak, Mohammed Yacoub, Wael Hananeh, Shayma’a Arif


Aim: To investigate if mega-doses of vitamin C would have deleterious effects on the liver in an animal model.
Methods: A mega-dose of vitamin C (1000 mg/kg/day) was administered by oral gavage to male Wistar rats for 60 days. Both biochemical and histopathological measures were undertaken.
Results: The results showed that a mega-dose of vitamin C significantly elevated lipid peroxidation and transaminase activity level in addition to the significant suppression of antioxidant enzymes activities. These results were consistent with the presence of histological lesions.
Conclusion: A mega-dose of vitamin C is not safe and can cause liver injury.


: Mega-dose, vitamin C, liver lesions.

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