Parents' Knowledge, Perception, and Practices of Over-the-counter Medicines Used for Their Children

Abla Albsoul-Younes, Linda Tahaineh, Basima Moumani


The purpose of this study is to evaluate parents’ knowledge, attitudes and common practices about using over-the-counter (OTC) medications for their children. This is a cross-sectional survey of parents attending outpatient pediatric clinic at King Abdullah University Hospital from March 2007 to June 2007. A total of 1490 questionnaires were filled, mostly by mothers (71.9%). More than half of parents indicated that they used at least one OTC medication for their child(ren) within the previous month. The main reasons for use were: convenience and time savings. More than 90% of parents believed OTC medications were effective and safe. Most parents reported asking their pharmacist for advice regarding the OTC. Many participants were unaware of information needed for safe medication use. Parents' knowledge regarding OTC medication use is inadequate. Specific guidelines for appropriate use should be provided to parents to the prescribing physician, and dispensing pharmacist.


OTC; Parents; Children; Knowledge; Practices; Attitude.

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