In Vivo Acute Toxicity Study of Thyme – Primulae Syrup

Ala Issa, Ruba Tarawneh, Eman Abu-Gharbieh, Samer Najjar, Raa'd Salah, Khaled Aeidah, Yasser Bustanji, Mohammad Mohammad


The current study is an acute toxicity study of Thyme – Primulae syrup in Albino male and female rats. The syrup was administered in three escalating doses: 3, 6 and 12 ml/kg body weight. The weight-based doses were given to the rats by intra gastric to minimize loss and variability among them. The treated groups were compared to the untreated control in regards to their body weight gain, hepatic and kidney appearances and their weight. Even at the highest dose, the syrup was found to be non-toxic under the conditions of this study


Acute Toxicity, Thyme-Primulae Syrup, Plant Extract, Medicinal Plants, Anti-Cough Syrup

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