The Effect of AlvogylTM When Used As a Post Extraction Packing

Soukaina T. Ryalat, Mohammad H. Al-Shayyab, Ahmed Marmash, Faleh A. Sawair, Zaid H. Baqain, Ameen S. Khraisat


Objectives: To study the effect of Alvogyl packing in extraction sockets on the occurrence of postoperative complications after mandibular third molar extraction extraction. Subjects and methods: The study was performed on 50 patients who underwent surgical and non-surgical extraction of their mandibular third molars. Alvogyl was packed in the right socket for each patient, with the left one being the control side. Results: Sixteen cases (32%) of dry sockets were found in the experimental side and six cases (12%) in the control side (statistically significant difference, X2 test, P = 0.016). Infection was reported more in the study side (20 cases, 40%) compared to that in the control side (5 cases, 10%) (X2 test, P = 0.001). However, the mean pain score in the study side (1.52 ± 0.51) was significantly lower than that in the control side (1.90 ± 0.30) (t-test, P < 0.001). Conclusion: The routine use of Alvogyl following surgical and non-surgical extraction of mandinular third molars should be discouraged.


Alvogyl, Dry Socket, Infection, Clinical Trial

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