Economic Impact of Inhaler Misuse in Australia and Jordan: Checklist Guided Patient Education can Reduce Pharmaceutical Expenditures

Iman A Basheti, Eman A Hammad, Sinthia Z BosnicAnticevich


Objectives: To estimate costs associated with patient inhaler misuse and potential savings that might be gained as a result of improving inhaler technique through pharmacist delivered intervention. Methods: This study took the form of a longitudinal, parallel group, repeated measures study design in which community pharmacists from Australia and Jordan were invited to educational workshops on inhaler technique. Pharmacists (research pharmacist in Jordan) then delivered an educational intervention to patients with asthma on inhaler technique. Patients were assessed at baseline and three months following baseline. The impact of incorrect inhaler technique on costs was determined before and after education. Results: Majority of pharmacists were females (Australia 56%, n=16; Jordan 57%, n=14) with no significant differences in age or years in practice. Turbuhaler and Diskus users from Australia and Jordan (n=53; n=51 respectively) showed no significant differences. Cost of inhaler misuse for Australians was estimated at US$ 6,492 per year with an average US$ 122.5 per user. Cost of inhaler misuse for Jordanians was estimated at US$ 10,990 per year with an average of US$ 215.5 per user. Substantial savings resulted due to the pharmacist delivered intervention. Conclusions: This study outlined the substantial costs associated with inhaler misuse and significant cost savings resulting from a pharmacist led intervention, demonstrating the necessity for pharmacist delivered education in this area.


Cost, Turbuhaler, Diskus, Inhaler technique, Patient education, Pharmacists.

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