Phytochemical Screening and Pharmacological Activities of Echium judaeum Lacaita Extracts Growing Wild in Jordan

khawla dhamen al- hamaideh, Tamam El-Elimat, Fatma Afifi, Violet Kasabri


Echium judaeum Lac. (Boraginaceae) growing wild in Jordan has not been studied before phytochemically and
pharmacologically. In this study the hydro-alcoholic extract was analyzed using Ultra Performance Liquid
Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (UPLC-MS). Total phenols and flavonoids were determined
colorimetrically. Using SRB assay, the anti-proliferative effect against a panel of colorectal cancer cell lines (HT29,
HCT116, SW620 and CACO2) was determined. Moreover anti- lipedimic and anti-obesity effects were examined,
in addition to the determination of median lethal dose (LD50) of the aqueous extract. UPLC-MS analysis resulted
in the identification of 6 compounds; luteolin, kaempferol, esculin, rosmarinic acid, echiumine and echimidine.
LD50 was more than 3000mg/kg body weight. Neither anti-obesity nor anti-proliferative effects were detected.
Since E. judaeum is a safe species and contains phenolic compounds, further pharmacological screening is


Echium judaeum Lacaita, Boraginaceae, obesity, starch digestion, LD50, colorectal cancer, UPLC-MS.

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