Effect of Green Coffee Bean Extract Consumption on Blood Pressure and Anthropometric Measures in Healthy Volunteers: A Pilot Crossover Placebo Controlled Study

Emad Al-Dujaili, Maha Abuhajleh, Walid Al-Turk


Background: Stress is known to contribute to obesity and hypertension and both are considered to be primary risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Green coffee bean extract (GCBE) contains chlorogenic acid (CGA) which is attributed with several health benefits including anti-obesity and anti-hypertensive effects.
Objectives: To investigate the short term effects of GCBE intake on blood pressure (BP), body mass index (BMI) and anthropometric parameters in healthy volunteers.
Methodology: A single blinded cross-over placebo controlled study was performed on 16 healthy volunteers who consumed either GCBE or caffeine as placebo. The volunteers took the interventions for a week with a one-week wash-out period in between before switching intervention groups.
Results: After administration of GCBE (equivalent to 500mg of CGA/day) for seven days, participant’s diastolic and systolic blood pressures were significantly reduced from 76.9± 9.1 at baseline to 72.6±5.9mmHg (p<0.001), and from 119.1±11.9 to 114.5±9.6 mmHg (p=0.001), respectively. Body mass index (BMI) and body weight were also significantly reduced following GCBE intake. NO significant changes in these parameters were observed after the placebo.
Conclusion: This study showed that 500mg CGA/day can significantly reduce blood pressure (BP), BMI and weight of healthy individuals.


Green coffee bean extract, Chlorogenic acid, BP, BMI, Obesity.

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