Pharmaceutical Business and Pharmaceutical Industry: New Tracks in Pharmacy Education Initiated in Jordan

Ibrahim Alabbadi


Design and develop a market driven pharmacy study plan with new tracks.
Identifying locally determined needs and services and using those to facilitate comprehensive education development toward achieving competencies. Comparative analysis for current study plans of several pharmacy schools combined with a multi-stakeholder in the pharmaceutical industry interviewing approach for an assessment of the needs of the community regarding pharmacy profession.
Needs-based education, ongoing consultation and co-operation between related stakeholders including higher education policy makers. Development of Pharmaceutical business and Pharmaceutical industry new tracks as an initiative in Jordan followed by implementation of this outcomes-based education strategy.
Providing market driven study plan to serve the local, regional and international community by skilful professional pharmacy graduates will satisfy pharmaceutical industry needs. Persistence toward successful implementation of this initiative in Jordan will encourage other areas of the world to follow as per their local market needs.


Pharmacy curriculum, New initiative, Business, Industry

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