Technical Insight into Biodegradable Polymers Used in Implants

Rafeef Masadeh, Rana Obaidat, Mo'tasem Alsmadi, Bashar Altaani, Mai Khanfar, Rawda Alshyab, Mohammed Qaoud


The development of the biodegradable implant drug delivery system (BIDDS) is described in this review, and technical
details about polymers are highlighted specifically for researchers working in the field. The discovery of biodegradable
polymers in the beginning of the 1960s was the first step to develop biodegradable implants. The advantages of
biodegradable implants over non-biodegradable implants motivated further research. A detailed summary on the
polymers used in BIDDS is provided, as well as their therapeutic applications in chemotherapy, vascular disease, ocular
drug delivery and the development of vaccinations, among others. Moreover, improvements in the formulation to
increase efficacy and patient adherence and to minimize adverse effects are reviewed. Finally, the challenges and future
of BIDDSs are discussed.



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