In Vitro Propagation and Enhancement of Quercetins and Isorhamnetin Production in Wild Paronychia argentea L.

Abrar Alenizi, Rida A. A. Shibli, Reham W. Tahtamouni, Tamara S. Al-Qudah, Bashaer Abu-Iramaileh


Paronychia argentea is a herbal plant that grows wildly in Jordan and frequently used in folk medicine for treatment of many ailments, which exposed this plant to over collection and decline. Till now, there are few scientific researches on Paronychia argentea in terms of in vitro propagation and medicinal properties. This study aimed to experiment the possibility of propagating this plant via tissue culture approach, and to asses accumulation of quercetins, and isorhamnetin in the resulted microshoots. To achieve this aim, nodal segment from pre-established microshoots were transferred into different types of shoot multiplication media for shoot proliferation, while the resulted microshoots were inoculated into rooting media to test their rooting abilities. Meanwhile, amounts of querceins and isorhamnetin as affected by shooting media type were determined in the in vitro grown microshoots. Successful shoot proliferation was obtained in most treatments, while maximum number of microshoots (3.5 shoots/ explant) was recorded in cultures grown in Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium plus 1.5 mg/L TDZ. Meanwhile, best rooting (5.9 roots/ explant) was recorded in cultures grown in MS medium plus 0.5 mg/L IBA. Moreover, maximum amounts of quercetins and isorhamnetin (1.867 and 1.376 ppm) were extracted from microshoots pregrown on MS media plus 0.5 mg/L TDZ. Generally, our results indicated that 0.5 mg/L TDZ was the best growth regulator to be added to the growth media of Paronychia argentea L. as it yielded a reasonable number of microshoots containing maximum amounts of quercetins and isorhamnetin as well. Our results can open the gate for more research on other in vitro approaches that can be applied to enhance production of such valuable compounds in this plant.


Isorhamnetin, Paronychia argentea, Quercetins, Tissue culture

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