Accurate Quantification of Amoxicillin in Different Drug Formulations using Advanced Chemometric Methods

Yahya S. Al-Degs, Amjad H. El-Sheikh, Duaa M. Harb


Amoxicillin is an excellent antibiotic that used on daily basis. Moreover this compound is often used in combination with clavulanic acid. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop sensitive and fast analytical method to detect amoxicillin over many commercial formulations. In this work, a simple and fast analytical method based on partial least squares PLS calibration was proposed to quantify amoxicillin in different pharmaceutical formulations including tablet and suspension forms. Due to the intense matrix effect, simple univariate calibration (at 228 nm) was found impractical in formulations containing clavulanic acid which negatively interfere with spectral analysis beside other excipients. Multivariate calibration by PLS was applicable for amoxicillin quantification in all formulations with high accuracy (98-103%) and precision (<8%). The proposed analytical method was able to quantify amoxicillin even in the presence of clavulanic acid and other excipients. Before running PLS, the optimum pH for analysis was7.0 and at pH>7.0 hydrolysis of amoxicillin was initiated. The proposed PLS method would be a good substitute for HPLC due to saving of time, energy and organic solvents.


Drugs quantification; Amoxicillin; PLS calibration; Matrix effect

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