Errors of Omission in Outpatient Prescriptions in Jordan

Safaa Al Awawdeh, Ahmad Naddaf, Amjad Abuirmeileh


Introduction: Prescription errors are one of the most common forms of medical errors that can occur at any point
during drug therapy. This includes prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, administering, and monitoring. Errors of
omission in prescriptions involves the absence or incomplete specification of dosage form or strength, dose or
dosage regimen and quantity or duration of drug to be supplied. Illegiblity of prescriptions and prescriptions that
violate legal requirements are also considered errors of omission.
Objectives: The aim of this study was to analyze the prescription errors in a Jordanian community pharmacy
setting in order to detect the most frequent errors of omission that expose people to potential risks of medication
Methods: An audit retrospective study was conducted for screening prescriptions. 800 prescriptions were
randomly selected as a study sample. The duration of this study was 8 months and in collaboration with one of
largest chain pharmacies in Jordan. Data collection was carried out using a checklist form and later analyzed using
Graphpad prism software version 5.0.
Results: Results show that the percentage of errors of omission in prescription writing related to transcriber’s and
patient information were high where errors related to prescriber’s name reached 17%, prescriber’s signature
11.5%, patient name 12%, patient age 62%, patient sex 97.25% , prescription Date 16.5%, illegibility 2.75% and
incomplete prescriptions 59.75%. The percentage of errors related to drug’s information errors included missing
dosage form 54.75%, missing unit of strength 26.25%, missing frequency 8.5%, missing duration of treatment
96.75%, unauthorized abbreviation 5%, illegible prescriptions 25.75% and incomplete prescriptions 68.25%.
Conclusion: The reviewed prescriptions suffered serious deficiencies and improper writing. The findings clearly
indicate that there were asignificant errors of omission in the chosen pharmacy setting which reflects negative
quality of health care.


Prescription, Omission, Errors, Jordan.

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