Qada Ajlun Mount through the age of the Emirate (1921-1946) by referring to the national library's documents

Suhayla Sulayman Al-Shalabi


This study discussed " Qada Ajloun Mount through the age of the Emirate (1921-1946), through observing various changes that occurred in it, by referring to the national library's documents, whether that concerns official education (governmental), or private education; represented in schools that were established by Christian sects, and the inspection on that schools in terms of school's buildings, contagious diseases among students, and the educational curriculums. Also, through searching in economic life forms, such as trade and its mechanisms, items that were imported and exported by merchants, and what resulted from that trade of relationships with nearby countries, such as Syria and Palestine, mentioning the weights and measures that were used by merchants, and the inspection on it. The other part of the economic life, which was agriculture, by reviewing the official concern about it, represented in legislating laws that organize this section, and the most important crops that were planted, the diseases that destroyed it, also, reporting health, roads, transportation, and communication sections that were created, in addition to the change concerning courts and mosques.

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