Abu Muhammad ibn ‘Ali, known as Ibn al-Nahwi(died after416 AH / 1025 AD) and His Book of History (A Study of Damascene Primary Sources for the Fatimids)

Issam Mustafa Abdel Hadi Okleh, Fawzi Kh. Al-Tawuhyeh


This study attempts to identify the Damascene historian Ibn al-Nahwi, who lived at the time of the Fatimid state and chronicled it, in terms of his life, his family, and acquaintances, his tastes and trends, and his lost book of history. It identifies the surviving excerpts of his history in later sources and his method, and importance of his history for the history of Damascus and studies of the Fatimids in general.


Ibn al-Nahwi, Damascus, Fatimids

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