Aspects of Social Life in Al Aqaba Area in Light of the Shar'ia Court Record (1918-1925 / 1336-1343H)

Hmud Mad’an Iyal-Salman


This research study explores some aspects of social life in Al Aqaba Area in light of the Shar'ia Court Record from(1918 to1925 1336-1343H.) It also sheds light on the value of this record in understanding the social history of Al Aqaba in that era, beginning with a brief geographical and historical examination of Al Aqba judicial system during the same era, and then, analyzing some aspects of social life in terms of population groups and their joint relationships, the roles women, the social and public services that were available for Al Aqba inhabitants, and urban development. The research study primarily depends on the Shar'ia Court Record in Al Aqaba Area entitled "Pleadings and Trials Documentation and other things at Al Aqaba Court" and which dates back to the era extending from (1918 to1925 1336-1343H.) It also makes use of other relevant historical resources and references.


Social Life, Al Aqaba, Shar'ia Court Record.

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