Al-Aawarid al-Diwaniyyah and al-Takalif al-Uriffyah in Palestine during the 10th-11th A.H/16th-17th Century

Zuhayr Ghanayim


This research deals with the fees and taxes that the Ottomans used to collect in
Palestine. There are two types of fees taxes: the first is mentioned in details
religiously mandated in the jurisprudence books such as the tenth ( `Ushure),
Kharaj, and the poll taxes imposed upon the people of the book (Dhimih). The
Second type of fees & taxes, such as Al-Awared Al-Sultaniya imposed by
Sultan to finance emergency fund like the taxes of Al-Nuzul al-Naqdeya wa
al-`ayniya (cash money and filed crops), Mal al-Haj (the money of pilgrims),
Al-Awared al-`Urfiya (tradition taxes), imposed by governors, Al-
Mutaslimuna, and Al-Shubashiya), in addition to the taxes of Badhawa and
Al-`Adah al-Mu`tadah (traditions).


Award Al-sultaniga, Al-Nuzul., Award al-Urfia, Badhawa.

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