The Early Emergence of Pastoral Nomadism in South Eastern Jordan

Mohammad Barakat Tarawneh


This paper discusses the most important views on the early emergence of Bedouin life in the southern Levant and the latest results of the archaeological activities in south eastern Jordan, which have changed many concepts in this topic, such as Bedouin migration for long distances, the role of manufacturing and trade of tabular scrapers in contact and communications in southern Levant, the effect of permanent settlements in the Bedouin of the southern Levant and the nature of the relationship between groups of nomads and villagers. This research sheds light on the economy of nomadic groups and the most important architectural remains and archaeological finds left by nomadic groups that traveled in the southern Levant from the Late Neolithic period to the end of the Chalcolithic period and the beginning of the Bronze Ages.


Pastoral Nomadism, Southern Levant, Negev, Tabular Scrapers, Eastern Bayir, Southern Thulaithwat

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