Rent of the Residence of the Venetian Consul and the Surrounding Land in the City of Cairo in 1143 A.H./1730 A.D.

Mohammed Mahmoud Khalaf Al-Anqreh, Fatima Yahya Al-Robidi


The study examines the contents of a rare document recording the rental of a family waqf. The residence of the Venetian consul in Cairo was owned by the al-Qarafi family, and the use of the income of this waqf was for the benefit of a charitable waq f for the poor people of the Monastery of St. Francis in Jerusalem. The document contains a detailed description of the residence that was sought to be rented and all previous related documents. The document also presents all the negotiations between the parties concerning the rent, amount and due date. It is evident that deals and official contracts were recorded in the presence of a judge and required a high degree of accuracy in writing and editing. This document helps us in looking at the methods adopted in writing contracts in the Shari‘ah courts of Ottoman Egypt.


Waqf, Ottoman documents, Cairo, Venice, Jerusalem.

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