The Sources of Ibn Iyas in his Book “Bada’I al-Zuhu’r” about the Ottoman-Mamluk Conflict (1517-1516AD/923-922 AH)

Shadia Hasan Al-Adwan


This paper investigates the study of documenting history by studying the resources of Ibn Iya’s, a contemporary historian, in his book Bada’i al-Zuhu’r about the Ottoman- Mamluk conflict. An attempt is made to identify and assess the value of the sources he relied on in studying this conflict and his methodology in choosing his sources. It appears that his sources are divided into four groups: 1. Official reports issued by the Mamluk state 2. Reports written by the people who were involved in the conflict 3. Oral narratives presented by the people involved in the conflict 4. The observation of Ibin I’aas of the events, the oral narratives circulated by the people in Cairo and the poems that depicted the events.


Documenting history, resources, Ibin Iyas, Mamelukes and Ottomans.

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