A Complaint of Żahir- Bibars Mahallah in Damascus in Connection with Moral Corruption

Mohannad al-Mubaidin


This study attempts to evaluate a rare document that dates back to Tuesday, the fifth of Sha'ban 1164 AH, (29 June 1751). The document is a complaint reported by the Al-Żahir-Bibars Mahallah quarter to Damascus Judge, regarding moral corruption in the town. Its significance lies in demonstrating the process undertaken in this case, and the role of learned people in such issues; in addition it deals with the measures adopted by the Judge and theologians who supported the demands of the Mahallah. The document also presents issues of social importance.
The study consists of an introduction, three chapters and a conclusion.


Żahir-Bibars Mahallah, Damascus, Educators, Morals

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