Amr bin Said Alashdaq And his role in the Umayyad state 50 – 70 AH/670 – 689 AC

Modar Adnan Telfah


This study aims to shed light on Amr bin Said Alashdaq, who has emerged as Umayyad leadership personal. He was designated as the second Crown Prince for the caliph Marwan ibn al-Hakam during the aljabyyah conference in 64 AH / 684 AC, and played a major role in the efforts to revive the Umayyad state. However, the Marwanid family sought to limit the succession to their children pushed him to stand against Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan, in defense of what he thought his right for the throne. This threatened the unity of the Umayyad family and the Levant in front of their enemies. Although the Caliph Abdul-Malik was able to eliminate the rebellion, he developed the foundations of this conflict between Marwanid members over the mandate of the Covenant, which form one of the main reasons in the fall of the Umayyad state in 132 AH / 750 AC.


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