American Attitude towards the Coup D’Etat of Abdulah al-Wazir in Yemen, February 17 – March 13, 1948

Mahmmoud M. Al-Jbarat


This study aimed at clearing out the United States’ attitude towards Coup D’Etat of Abdulah al-
Wazir in Yemen; using a historical perspective and annalistic study based on the American
National Archive’s Documents.
As the United States tried to enhance their relations with Yemen; the internal American pressure
and Truman presidential elections weakened these relations.
While the American diplomats were collecting intelligence information and following the
developments; there was no specific American Foreign policy towards the Coup D’Etat.
Nevertheless, the American attitude developed from following the news under the Pro-British and
its influence, to independent American assessment, then developed to the liaison with British and
then admitting Imam Ahmad al-Wazir’s counter after the failure of the Cooup D’Etat.


Foreign Policy of the United States, Yemen, Coup D’Etat of Abdulah al-Wazir.

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